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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take a food handler course online?
Yes! You can complete our entire Texas Food Handler Course online.

Is there an exam?
No! Simply watch the videos to gain the knowledge. No tricky tests to pass.

How long is my food handler certificate good for?
2 Years

What languages are offered?
Our videos are offered in English and Spanish.

Does this course meet the Texas Cottage Food Law Requirements?
Yes, you will be in compliance with the Texas Cottage food law food handling requirements after taking this course.

Is this course Texas State Approved?
Yes, both our English and Spanish Course are approved by The State of Texas for internet certification. License #190

Is food handler training required?
Yes, food handlers are required to complete a food handler training certification course within the first 60 days of employment.

Why is food handler training important?
Food handler training is important because it educates food service employees with basic food handler, food safety and basic sanitation knowledge to keep the public safe.

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